Government Affairs

Rules & laws made at the local and national level can greatly impact how contractors bid, perform, and bill their work.  MMCA is dedicated to monitoring and informing our members on important issues.

Advocacy Areas

Lobbying in Minnesota

MMCA has a Full-Time Lobbyist dedicated to forming relationships & monitoring activities at the State Legislature & State Agencies.

Respected Voice in the Mechanical Industry

MMCA has a long and respected track record of working with elected officials, government representatives, labor & industry partners.

MN Codes & Licensing 

MMCA keeps a close eye on MN Codes & Licensing requirements, adoption, and rulemaking.  The Association participates in the Board of High Pressure Piping, Plumbing Board, Apprenticeship Advisory Council and Construction Codes Advisory Council.


Robust investments in our infrastructure is essential to keeping mechanical contractors in business, their employees working, rebuilding our nation, and ensuring a robust economy.  MMCA works with industry partners to actively lobby for continued investment in Minnesota.

Workforce Development

Contractors know that their employees are a key to their success. That is why we invest in comprehensive apprenticeship training programs, highly compensate our skilled workforce, and provide quality health care and retirement benefits. To ensure our ability to maintain these high standard and further our employees, workforce equity and inclusion reform should solidify these high standards while including all.

Contracting Reform

Government and private businesses need to simplify the procurement processes.  Many of the problems facing our contractors come at no cost to the government and owners and provide wins in an all too often polarized world.  MMCA gives you a seat at the table to influence contracting reform.


Gary Thaden is here to help with any questions members have about government affairs.

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